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Mar 7, 2012

KONY 2012 - Only Good Intentions

The video may show something that should be stopped, we all agree on that. However, are you that sure to support the movement of this American Dream styler story ?

I suggest you to check those articles first. The first one is written by a Yale Political Science Professor 3 years ago. Second and third are similar, they have some observations from many perspectives, especially the accountability of Invisible Children (IR) as a NPO and other more trustworthy alternatives, the operations of LRA, and the military intervention by USA.

There are additional questions though:

-Why do not they write Obama as the good guy of the scenario but not NATO, Interpol or United Nations? (Ok, in a manner they and US are all the same in imperialist world order. But Obama is only the minister of US as far as I know. Isn't it supposed to be internationally agreed decision?)

-Who gave the permission to US Army to enter Uganda?

-Why those people want US to enter Africa and attack Kony?

-Why is there a counter support for Uganda Army which also has been considered as guilty for rape and looting, those well-intended guys (Jason Russell and his friends), aren't they for peace?

-Why do they need economic support at all, if Obama as the commander of the most powerful army promised to attack?

So, the smaller killer is reported to the (apparently) biggest one, as if he is not one of the responsible people of Iraq War (or the other ones we will learn in the future). His name can be Obama or something else, he is guilty and he will be in the line of his job and seat, as long as he sits there. The presidential elections of US will be in November, and he is meant to be the hero, as it seems. Or Kony will be a medium of some senators to collect votes.

This may be a well-intended campaign, but it can easily be excessive, misled and manipulated. We may want the big fish to eat the small one for now, but we may not find anyone to complain in the stomach of it in the future.

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